KAL Rigor Online

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KAL Rigor

Welcome to KAL Rigor Private Server!

Dear KalOnline community!
KALRigor is officially Online, we welcome everyone to join us!
News and Updates will be posted in our Discord and Updater Logs!

Sincerly Yours,
KAL Rigor Team

Server Features


• Balanced Characters
• Mid-to-Low Rate Server
• Perfectly Balanced Exp
• Solo/Party/Shiny Areas
• All 3rd Job skills learnable on level 70.
• Anti-Ks System with hotkey 'k'
• Advanced Channel System
• Balanced Classes (PVP/PVE)
• Decoration System with Stats.
• New Costume Suits with Stats.
• Weapon Skins with Effects and Stats.
• New Craft System with useful items.
• Perfect Party System (Exp Bonus)
• Repeatable Quests to keep you busy.
• Battlefield Anti AFK System.
• Balanced Battlefield Selection based on levels.
• Strong Protection to avoid AFK Leveling.
• Special Riding Animals with Stats.
• Duel Tournament with Round/Final Rewards.
• Last Man Stand with self-made map.
• Destructing Key Points (GvG) System.
• Protecting Leader System.
• Automatic Daily Exp Events.
• Exp Event by Players NPC.
• Daily Lucky Lottery.
• F10 Company System.
• New Mautareta System.
• Shadow of Devah System (Never seen).
• Int-Like Skill Book System.
• Rigor Gold System
• Golden Coin System
• Vote Rewards System
• No Demon Gong / No Hanin Mirrors.
• And a lot more, we can't mention all!!